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Welcome to Events Capture

Events Capture is a leading wedding photography and cinematography company located in New York. We work with various clients and support their needs by working closely with the bride on every detail to accommodate their weddings. We travel the world, you pick your destination and our team will make it happen, please check out our portfolios on destination weddings featuring Mexico, Aruba, Jamaica, St. Martin, Germany, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, and India.

We welcome the opportunity to take on new adventures all year round. Local or destination, Events Capture is here at your service. Contact us today at or 516-587-6678! 

We aren’t limited to these services only; please contact us for your next project

Events Capture is a captivating genre of photography that combines traditional and modern photography. Couples looking for a genuinely unique wedding photography experience are drawn to destination wedding photography because of its distinctive blend of romance, here at events capture we give couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in breath-taking fairy-tale, by creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Capturing the essence of a couple’s love story is one of the most alluring aspects of photography. Events Capture has the ability to create an enjoyable atmosphere by capturing a genuine and breath-taking moments on camera. Sincere feelings, unscripted moments, and the special exchanges between the couple and their loved ones can all be captured by the photographer. In addition to capturing the couple’s special day the photographer has the opportunity to capture in their images the natural beauty and cultural aspects.

Photographers have the chance to scout the area ahead of time, locating unusual locations and hidden gems that will improve the wedding day’s visual narrative. This gives the photography process a sense of adventure and creativity because it allows the photographer to play around with composition, lighting, and angles to produce genuinely amazing shots.

Furthermore, Events Capture allows couples to extend their celebration beyond just one day. Many couples choose to have multiple events and activities leading up to the wedding day, such as welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, and post-wedding adventures. This provides the photographer with a wealth of opportunities to capture the couple’s love story in a variety of settings and moods, resulting in a more comprehensive, diverse and story-telling collection of images.

Events Capture is a captivating and rewarding genre that combines the beauty of weddings with the allure of travel. Destination wedding photography has become increasingly popular among couples seeking a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

For your next destination event, Events Capture is always available.

Whether it’s capturing the couple’s love story against the backdrop of a stunning location, documenting intimate and emotional moments, or exploring new and exciting destinations, Events Capture is truly magical in photography form.

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